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Looking for a sexy new way to spice up your next Halloween bash? Try this sexy new twist on an old tradition. Most pumpkins have two eyes and a mouth. Now yours can come to life in a ten different very naughty ways. Each box includes 10 eye-catching stencils and all the carving tools you need to add a whole new level of excitement to your next Pornkins® party.

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Who We are

Like many strong notions that were pursued by ambitious individuals and transformed into grand products which some consider as definitive of a generation, the idea for Pornkins was spawned in a college dorm room, via an email nonetheless.
As a novel idea that received a few high fives and laughs from several friends, the visual of lewd images carved on a pumpkin seemed to spark a sort of vigor and enthusiasm to an otherwise normal social gathering. Providing topics for conversation, props for physical comedy, and erotic art that stimulated males and females alike, these carved graphics, that were once thought to be suitable only for Halloween, started breaking the mold and finding life in many a setting at different times of the year. Perhaps this was more than just a good idea.

The early popularity of Pornkins developed another general notion that many people found agreeable—put simply—‘having a good time’. The brilliance in Pornkins was not just in its approach, but also the unique ability to capture and produce moments of joviality. This larger than life aura, combined with times of the year when people expect such feelings of grandeur (holidays), composed a brand as well as a sort of genre for the Pornkins, the “Rockstar Holiday”. It wasn’t about pumpkins, or items associated with a specific day, or even porn! It was about taking the essence of that fleeting moment, where everyone is happy and carefree, and taking ownership. The belief is that one should make the good time and be proactive—be a Rockstar, in a matter of speaking.

Rockstar Holiday was founded in 2009 around a passion for Halloween and a belief that a good party shouldn’t have to wait for one or two days of the year. Our Pornkins will let you create your own holiday, where you can carve out your own good time.
We have offices on the East Coast and assembly and manufacturing capabilities in the United States, which means, you can shop directly through our online store or through one of our distribution centers around the country.

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